Sunday, March 7, 2010

Make Your Wife Happy With A Week Of Servitude

The manliest thing that a guy can do is be a good husband and father. That is why I decided to give Leigha a break. For an entire week, I did all of the errands and chores. I cooked, cleaned, did laundry, washed dishes and even let out the dog. While Dude didn’t care who hooked him up to his leash, it turns out that it was difficult for Leigha to sit there and do nothing. I repeatedly cut her off or stopped her from doing extra work. My intention was to give her a week where she didn’t have to worry about doing any of those annoying things that everybody hates, but we all have to do it anyways. Every Saturday night, Leigha watches the kids by herself while I work. Once a month she does this on both Friday and Saturday. I figured that it was the least that I could do by giving her an entire week.
The only stipulation that I had made was that the cleaning list had to be agreed upon prior to the week. That way, I knew exactly how to plan out my week and not be bombarded with new projects every day.
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