Friday, January 22, 2010

The Genesis Of Me Doing Random Stuff (And Writing About iT)

More Complicated Than A Nuclear Bomb
There I was on the Blackest of Black Fridays, sitting in my basement with 857 pieces spread out on the floor, assembling our new elliptical machine. The directions were actually blueprints. My wife, Leigha woke up at to get our solitary large purchase of note for the year. An elliptical machine was one of those things that we had thought about buying for quite some time. In fact, it was the machine of choice when we were losing weight for our wedding. In the four and half years since we got married, I have never worked out regularly and gained roughly fifty pounds. When we saw the ad in the paper for fifty percent off a new machine, it seemed as if it was the proper time. Later that day, as I was assembling the machine, Leigha took the kids with her to look for some more hot deals.
“I just like watching how crazy the people get.” She said.
Two hours and sixteen steps into the assembly, I thought that I should get a merit badge for all this work; which led to thinking about how cool it would be if people got life badges. Thus the genesis of this blog.
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