Sunday, April 22, 2012

Biggest Loser Week 2

My weight is now down 3.74%. Leading up to this time, I had been letting myself go. By that, I mean that I was ignoring portioning and eating my favorite meat dishes. I would wake up with headaches and my body hurt. I felt pretty miserable and it made it easier to start dieting. As I saw last week as a buffer week, this week came easier than I expected.  There was no point during my first two weeks of dieting that I got tempted to eat meat. I guess that I’ve found my solace in cheese. On Tuesday, we went out to eat. Initially I felt limited to where I could go, as there had to be a good vegetarian option. Then I realized
 nearly everywhere has a vegetarian option. But when we decided to go get {pizza} at one of my college hangouts, it was no problem. I have found that Italian food is the easiest type of food for me to eat without meat. Pasta, pizza, no problem.
The biggest temptation this week came from the freezer. On a morning after working late, I woke up to Leigha bringing the kids home with a big box of frozen foods that had been damaged in transport and/or discontinued. Leigha was able to fill up the box with any of these items for $5.      
This week, a new motivator emerged in the form of a Groupon. During the winter months, Leigha and I had purchased a Groupon to go skydiving. This was something that is one my list. Well, this expires next month and there is a weight limit. That I currently don't meet. The two of us are notoriously cheap and that is why 1. I will lose enough to jump out of a plane. 2. Leigha will overcome her fears.

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  1. Well done on your weight loss - sounds like you're doing really well!! I'm a vegetarian so always use meat free or quorn mince - it makes a lasagne or spag bol half the calories and is still a great source of protein!! x


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